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We have 5 training courses prepared for the days before the CX80 World Cup 3 and WMMTBOC. Find out more and order at:

There are various training possibilities so if you are interested in coming for a training camp please contact us by email:

Price is 3 EURO per training map.



22-24.07.2022 – Bulgarian MTBO Championships. Three MTBO races, two of them WREs will be organized in the same region and similar terrains to the World Cup Round 3 and the U23 and Masters World MTB Orienteering Championships. There are MTBO training maps nearby as well so it can be a perfect combination of races and trainings for you and your team.

15-19.09.2021 – Three MTBO races, two of them WREs, will be organized in the region 1 year prior the event. There will be some trainings and a IOF educational session on technical aspects of MTBO in the program as well. If you need more training maps please contact us by email and we can arrange something.

Bulletin 1 for Popovo Cup and Shtraklevo Cup 2021 can be found here.

(27.08.2021) Bulletin 1.2 for the races is now online.

IOF MTBO Event Advisers Clinic & Workshop will be held at the same time: Details Here.