Training possibilities


The World Ranking Events of Popovo Cup 2021 and Shtraklevo Cup 2021 are excellent opportunities to test and get to know the terrains in the region. See more details at the Bulletin for the events.

Other opportunities are available upon request. Please contact us by email .

MTBO World Cup 3 and WMMTBOC 2022


14.September (Wednesday) – Model Event

15.September (Thursday) – WMMTBOC Mass Start

16.September (Friday) – MTBO World Cup and WMMTBOC Middle distance

17.September (Saturday) – MTBO World Cup and WMMTBOC Long distance

18.September (Sunday) – MTBO World Cup and WMMTBOC Sprint


Entries are made via IOF Eventor.

Entry deadline:  31st of August 2022